Where We Ship To

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Reds, Whites, and Blends

These wines are all made with pride using locally grown grapes from right here in Kansas. Still Twisted, just more traditional.

Blacked Out

Blacked Out Coffee Wines are made with coffee from fellow veteran-owned Leavenworth businesses. This Twisted Nation favorite combines the fruity flavors of a local produce with the smooth taste of coffee. We recommend serving with sweet Italian cream for a Twisted original: the Ginootsa Bella.

Farm to Table

These fresh and fabulous Twisted Wines were developed by Z&M, who make them using their homegrown vineyard grapes and other produce from the surrounding area farmers and Veteran farmers.

Fire Line

Our Fire Line Wines are Z&M in a nutshell; who else would have the confidence to pull off wine with a little heat? It’s innovative. It’s creative. It’s deliciously Twisted.


Our dessert wines channel the Prohibition ambience of our winery’s Twisted Cellar. These sexy and dangerous wines pack about 18% alcohol by volume (ABV) and a chocolate finish. Each wine is named for the caliber weapon held by the Twisted burlesque model on the label, photographed in our Prohibition-era Twisted Cellar.