Fire Line

Our Fire Line Wines are Z&M in a nutshell; who else would have the confidence to pull off wine with a little heat? It’s innovative. It’s creative. It’s deliciously Twisted.


$25.00 / 750 mL

This wine is a tribute to our owner and winemaker MAJ Zesiger. He retired from the Army after 26 years and during his time in the Army he was an Apache pilot. The hellfire is the missle that is shot from the Apache. As you can see on our label, a hellfire is something you don’t forget. This wine is a fabulous red grape wine that packs some residual heat from fresh jalapenos. The heat from the jalapeno will come at the end of your sip. It’ll leave you wanting more. Pairs well with a steak or a burger right off the grill.

Tropical Stealth

$32.00 / 750 mL

Tropical Stealth features the B2 on the label for a reason. The B2 sneaks up on you and as soon as it’s there…it’s gone before you know it. This is a mango wine featuring fresh jalapeno, sourced from local Leavenworth farmers. You will taste the heat right on the front of your pallet, but before you know it, the heat will be replaced with the sweetness of our delicious mango wine.


$32.00 / 750 mL

Imagine sitting in the Colosseum and watching the games. A bloody battle with a bloody beverage! This battle needs an equally complex refreshment for victory. Taste the Victory!