Blacked Out

Blacked Out Coffee Wines are made with coffee from fellow veteran-owned Leavenworth businesses. This Twisted Nation favorite combines the fruity flavors of a local produce with the smooth taste of coffee. We recommend serving with sweet Italian cream for a Twisted original: the Ginootsa Bella.

Blackberry Coffee

$28.00 / 750 mL

Semi-sweet blackberries marry with medium roast coffee that offers notes of pipe tobacco and dark chocolate. The aroma from the coffee marries with the fruity blackberry goodness resulting in a treat for your taste buds. Enjoy a glass any time of the day or as dessert poured over some vanilla ice cream.

Cherry Coffee

$28.00 / 750 mL

Dark roast coffee explodes with chocolate notes that linger on the palate while that delicious cherry pulls through creating a fantastic balance. Cherry coffee wine is for the real coffee drinker and wine fanatic who loves to drink twisted!

Pumpkin Coffee

$28.00 / 750 mL

Light roast coffee and the nuttiness of fresh pumpkin balance to give you the elements of the best coffee wine you’ll ever taste. This coffee wine served ginootsa bella style becomes like a tiramisu dessert – delicious! Spice up any day with some pumpkin coffee wine!

Le Befana

$28.00 / 750 mL

A truly twisted blend of unique Italian culture. La Befana the Witch is the Italian equivalent of America’s Santa Clause. She sweeps in on a broom on January 5th and leaves toys and treats for the good girls and boys. Enjoy the fennel as it imparts a true taste of the season.